Welcome to PYM Yoga

The word Yoga is derived from the ancient Sanskrit language, meaning union with God. It has been around for thousands of years. In the West, Yoga has become very popular. Whilst it does help to keep the body healthy, strong and supple, its main emphasis is to draw the mind inward leading to better focus, clarity, stillness and a deeper understanding of our lives both in terms of our environment and ourselves in it.

An outline of a Hatha yoga class at PYM.

My emphasis is to encourage each student to take what they need from Yoga, incorporating the benefits into their daily lives so that they can better understand their reactions to situations and deal with the stresses of everyday living.

A class consists of exercising every part of the body, stimulating the respiratory and circulatory systems. The asanas (poses) are taught in a balanced sequence which involves standing, sitting, lying, inversion, forward and back bending and twisting. Poses are adapted to suit the needs of each student.

It is non-competitive and suitable for people of all ages. Properly executed, these asanas can improve muscular strength and tone, improve flexibility and remove impurities by circulating the energy-flow throughout the body. Emphasis is placed on grounding and lengthening the spine and somatic, sensory awareness of ourselves and the space around us. Grounding ensures that the feet are well-placed and firmly planted on the floor. This provides a solid support for the rest of the body, and correct knee and hip alignment. Gently lengthening the spine and doing each asana with emphasis on the breath facilitates proper breathing and prevents injury which could be caused by forcing oneself into the pose. Breathing in each asana enables the student not only to concentrate better, but also progresses naturally into sitting pranayama and meditation.