Welcome to Yoga & Pilates in Clerkenwell and Kilburn

Dear Clients

Following the government’s decision for gyms and other businesses to close we are temporarily closing both studios.


Expiry dates on all class packages will be extended and ready to use when we re-open.

We are offering a range of online classes to keep you all fit and sane with our PYM teachers, also providing an opportunity to stay connected. Instructions on how to access Zoom for the online classes go to our website to find the schedule. (It is currently being re-vamped therefore it is best to view via a computer and not a mobile or iPad for another two weeks, by which time the new site should be up and running on all devices).

If you are interested in joining these, just ensure that you have enough floor space, a mat and some cushions. If you have an overball, tennis ball(s) and cliniband, even better but not essential. If you would like to purchase any of these, you can easily do so online i.e www.physicalcompany.com, amazon etc subject to postal restrictions.

Thank you so much for your support and we hope to see as many of you online as possible. If you are not computer savvy, your teachers, Rochelle and myself can help you – email us and let us know.

Love and best wishes

Anne-Marie and Teachers 🤞😘

“Anne-Marie and her team have a truly unique approach. Every studio is different of course but there is something special about Pilates Yoga Movement…it’s current, vibrant and forward thinking.

“At PYM…they’ve taken Pilates further.”
(Sharon Parnell, former client and PYM Teacher Training Graduate.)

No matter what your aim: be it peak fitness, meditative exercise or restorative practice – or your condition: you may be fighting fit; managing a chronic condition/pain, or recovering from surgery – our warm, friendly and expert Pilates and yoga teachers can help you. Click on a link below to get started:

PILATES Pilates Clerkenwell

The PILATES Method aims to re-align and balance the body’s structure by focusing on correct and mindful movement. In teaching his ‘contrology’ its founder Jo Pilates adhered to 6 principles:

Breathing, Centering, control/precision, concentration, flow, stamina/strength


Yoga ClerkenwellYOGA 

The word YOGA is derived from the ancient Sanskrit language, meaning union with God and has a pedigree that goes back thousands of years. Regular practice helps to keep the body healthy, strong and supple, and to draw the mind inward…leading to better focus, clarity, stillness and a deeper understanding of our lives both in terms of our environment and ourselves.

Are you interested in becoming a Yoga teacher? Find out more, view our Training Page

Visit the The Association of Independent Yoga Practitioners AIYP

Terms and Conditions

This is to inform you of the measures we have taken and the procedures you will need to follow to ensure we uphold a safe environment for our clients and teachers. We will continue to evaluate any risks and ask for your patience as we phase in this process.

Please click on the links below for more information and to download the consent and waiver forms.

Clerkenwell Studio - Returning to the studio safely

Waiver Form