The Somatic Movement Education (SME) program explores the richness of the inter-relations between body, mind, movement and touch in an experiential study of all the body systems and human developmental movement processes.

Throughout the training you will learn to layer and interweave of core principles that underlie and establish the richness of embodied practices including guided explorations, partnering exchanges and facilitation skills involving movement or hands-on techniques. These skills inform and deepen self-awareness and relational aspects in daily life.

Serving both personal and professional development needs it can be directly applied to health, education and arts contexts. It compliments and enhances other movement-based disciplines and compliments other somatic movement therapeutic modalities.

The programme runs over two years but the courses can be taken individually or as part of the full accredited training in order to become a certified somatic movement education, with the school for Body-Mind Centering®

STEM is a group of teachers and practitioners interested in the development of the community and the work of Body-Mind Centering® in the UK.


Irene Cena
Katy Dymoke
Karin Fisher-Potisk
Andromeda Graziano
Tanja Koenig
Aki Omori
Mark Rietema
Marina Tsartsara
Anne-Marie Zulkahari

Somatic Movement Education Programme (SME) Body-Mind Centering
Basic Neurocellular Patterns: 3-10 Jan 23
Primitive Reflexes: 27 May – 2 June 23
Ontogenetic Development: 4-8 June 23
Fluid  System: 26 Aug – 2 Sep 23
Endocrine System: 7-11 Dec 23
Nervous System – 13-20 Dec 23
Ligamentous & Fascial System: 10-17 Feb 24
Muscular System: 3-12 April 24
Professional issues & Competency: 13-15 April 24

For details on each weeks class and teacher please get in touch with STEM or visit the STEM Facebook page by accessing the links below.