Emma Douka

Chronic back pain led Emma into ongoing research of various methods of bodywork, rehabilitation and body-mind integration. After a regular Ashtanga Yoga practice of some 5 years she finally discovered Pilates and it was then that she felt she could take control of her condition and bring a change from within.

Originally from Athens, Emma left Greece in 2007 and moved to London in search of a thorough Pilates Teacher training and in 2010 she completed that training with Anne-Marie Zulkahari. Emma is currently practising Yoga with Anne-Marie and has regular Feldenkrais “awareness through movement” classes with Rachel Shoer Geaves and Scott Clark.

Using the Pilates technique Emma aims to increase the individuals body awareness and develop a deeper understanding of their own ability to rehabilitate and re-educate their bodies and gradually encourage them to explore new possibilities of movement.