Pilates Movement Studio

Welcome to our PYM Pilates studio London EC2A where we offer a range of Pilates classes, both in small group scenarios and on a 1-2-1 basis.

Breathing, centering, control/precision, concentration, flow, stamina/strength.

Since the conception of these principles, much significant and valuable research has been undertaken on the subject of somatic movement; the Alexander technique led the way in alignment, and Body mind centering and Feldenkrais have opened the way to exploring, sensing and feeling movement in a more somatic way, one that does not stress the joints and therefore minimises wear and tear.
Meanwhile there have been exhaustive studies on gait and sport in relation to correct bio-mechanical function, and the findings in neuroscience have enabled us to be better informed about how the brain works. Being open to and acknowledging such developments enables the Pilates Method to be always evolving and always relevant.
Crucially too, it allows us to be absolutely informed about the way in which we teach and unlike many other studios, we work holistically, looking at the person as a whole (body and mind).
We provide Pilates studio space in Clerkenwell, that is fully equipped and supportive, encouraging clients to be inquisitive and enabling them to acquire a deeper understanding of how to move efficiently, with grace and strength. We work with clients at the level that is needed – whether it be peak fitness, managing chronic conditions and pain, restorative practice or recovering from surgery.

Pilates Movement Studio Gallery