The PYM Approach

The uniqueness of PYM lies in its teaching.

Staff are hand-picked by Anne-Marie Zulkahari from among graduates of her two-year Pilates Teacher Training Programme, a rigorous, and highly regarded course that delivers a thorough education in anatomy and biomechanics alongside training in the techniques of the Pilates method. It makes for teachers – many of whom have already been established devotees of Pilates – that are not only intuitive and dedicated, but highly informed.

PYM teachers regularly participate in continuing professional development, keeping up-to-date with the latest techniques in movement education so the teaching they deliver in studio is absolutely current. Feldenkrais; Anti-Gymnastique, and Body Mind Centering are among the courses recently undertaken by PYM teaching staff, another of whom is part-way through a Degree in Neuroscience! Regular staff meetings are held to exchange ideas which facilitates cohesion as a teaching group and engenders a shared respect for the different styles and approaches PYM teachers bring to the studio.

PYM studio sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. Bookings are structured so that there are never more than five clients in the studio at any one time. Each client works with the teacher separately and their session is closely monitored and adapted as and when needed. This is unique in comparison to Pilates mat work classes as this allows us to tailor the exercises to suit the individual needs, often not possible in a group setting.

As PYM is a training studio, there are times when a teacher will be assisted in class by a trainee. (There are in fact opportunities at our Clerkenwell studio to enjoy reduced-cost classes delivered by teacher-supervised trainees). To ensure maintenance of PYM’s high standards all teachers adhere to the Pilates Foundation’s codes of conduct, practice and continuing professional development.