Kara Dressel

Originally from Chicago – though having lived in such diverse locations as San Francisco, Paris and New York – Kara has been doing Pilates since moving to London in 2000, and began her training with Anne-Marie the following year, completing her course at the end of 2002.

Coming from a gym background, Pilates nevertheless ‘made sense’ to her, and she knew instinctively that it was something she would enjoy teaching and practising for a long time: “I loved learning with Anne-Marie and working with the other teachers and clients at PYM.”

After qualifying as a Foundation Teacher Kara returned to the States – to New York – where she found the style of Pilates being taught differed to the one she had come to know in London. She started a studio in her own home and has been teaching in studios and from home ever since. Understanding the enormous potential of Pilates for encouraging breath and confidence of movement, Kara has a particular interest in helping women recovering from breast cancer: she has for a number of years taught a mat class at Cancerkin, at the Royal Free Hospital and runs workshops for Pilates teachers on how to work with women who are recovering from the disease.

Kara’s strong teaching background – she has a Masters degree in Adult Education – is reflected in her approach, and as well as working in the studio she is involved in the PYM teacher training program: “I love teaching, connecting with people and helping them feel better through movement,” she says. “I also love the new and improved PYM studio in Kilburn. It’s such a pleasure to come back to PYM as a teacher!”.