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Whether you’re looking for peak fitness, managing chronic conditions and pain, meditative exercise, restorative practice or recovering from surgery our Pilates and Yoga teachers in London can accomodate you. Click on a link below to get started:

PILATES Pilates Clerkenwell

The PILATES method aims to re-align and balance the body’s structure  by focusing on doing the exercises correctly and mindfully thereby reinforcing new patterns of movement. Jo Pilates adhered to 6 principles when teaching his ‘Contrology’;

Breathing, Centering, control/precision, concentration, flow, stamina/strength


Yoga ClerkenwellYOGA 

The word YOGA is derived from the ancient Sanskrit language, meaning union with God. It has been around for thousands of years. In the West, Yoga has become very popular. Whilst it does help to keep the body healthy, strong and supple, its main emphasis is to draw the mind inward leading to better focus, clarity, stillness and a deeper understanding of our lives both in terms of our environment and ourselves in it.


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