Gay Dann

Gay trained as a dancer, choosing to study choreography and the history of art at degree level. After Graduating with a BA honours Gay worked for 10 years as a youth worker, using her creative and dance background to develop dance and movement workshops for Essex Youth Service. These workshops introduced young people to movement as a means of communication, with a focus on developing self awareness, reflection and confidence.

Gay’s journey with Pilates began in October 2013 where grief from loosing two significant family members had left her feeling imprisoned in her body and unable to breathe. After years of moving freely, the trauma of these loses had taken it’s toll. Knowing that movement held the answers she began to look for a movement practice that would assist in the healing and recovery of her body and mind. Deciding to try something new Gay attended a local Pilates mat work class. It was an instant ‘life love’. After 6 months of classes, breathing, moving, centring and reconnecting with her body she knew she had found something truly special and wanted the opportunity to bring the gift of this method to others.

Gay completed her Mat Work training with Sasha McLennon in 2015. Immediately being offered a job teaching Pilates Mat Work and 1-1’s at an established Physio and Rehabilitation Centre in Chelmsford. After a year of working with a diversity of clients recovering from illness, injury and stress related conditions Gay decided to further her training, completing her Bridging course in studio Apparatus with Anne-Marie Zulkahari in 2018.

Upon completing her training with Anne-Marie Zulkahari in September 2018, Gay has taught Studio Apparatus Classes in Suffolk and at Pilates Yoga Movement.

Gay’s approach to finding function, fluidity and ease of movement in the body makes her class’ accessible to all levels and abilities. Classes promote the on going development of physical self awareness, non judgement and release. Her aim is for the student to always leave class feeling they’ve created space in their body to breathe and move with ease, finding a sense of centre, connectedness and being more in tune with themselves.