“Anne-Marie and her team have a truly unique approach. Every studio is different of course but their is something about PYM which is special. As a Pilates Teacher (mat work) I went there originally with a spinal injury and rehabilitated thanks to their excellent teaching and attention. They gave me what I needed and I was able to resume my training elsewhere.  I returned to do the Bridging Course on the Teacher Training Programme: really they go beyond Pilates – taking in Body Mind Centering, and all the very latest research about how the body moves, incorporating that into their training.

“It’s comes from the top but the whole team is special: all have their own character and style but they are equally intuitive and that intuition is steeped in a great deal of knowledge about the human body and also an understanding about people.

“They’re forever taking courses and bringing back new ideas into the studio so it’s always current, vibrant and forward thinking. At PYM, they’ve taken Pilates further.”

Sharon Parnell, Pilates Teacher
Bridging Course graduate 2013

“I have attended Yalckun’s pilates mat classes and attended the lunch time specials for several years now.
Yalckun is a wonderful teacher: he is consistently patient, gives clear instructions, has a deep knowledge and pays meticulous attention to his students. I have not only gained strength and flexibility from the weekly set exercises but between classes, I have a new awareness of my core which informs how I exercise and even how I carry my body.”

Julie Wheelwright

“I’ve been attending Yalckun’s mat pilates classes since September 2015, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Yalckun is an incredibly thoughtful, detailed, and thorough teacher, and his classes are always interesting, challenging, and fun. The strength and fitness I’ve gained from the class has been remarkable—it’s as close as my 45-year-old self is going to get to the fountain of youth. Like many other people, I spend an awful lot of time sitting at a computer for my work, and the mat pilates classes have been essential for me in both healing and preventing all the aches and pains that can go along with such work. Yalckun is a knowledgeable, kind, and patient teacher, and works well with a wide range of ages and fitness levels. His goal when teaching class is to improve everyone’s strength, from whatever fitness level they are at—so he will modify exercises where necessary. Yalckun is also adamant about maintaining safety for everyone’s back and joints. So (unlike some exercise classes I’ve taken at regular membership gyms), no matter how challenged I feel by Yalckun’s pilates class, I don’t fear being injured. I know the techniques Yalckun is teaching are safe, and that I won’t be pushed beyond what I am capable of doing. If you are considering pilates, I urge you to give Yalckun’s mat class a try.”

This is to inform you of the measures we have taken and the procedures you will need to follow to ensure we uphold a safe environment for our clients and teachers. We will continue to evaluate any risks and ask for your patience as we phase in this process.

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