PYM teachers add new strings to their bows

Without doubt the real strength of the PYM studios lies in the quality of its teaching. Many clients have been coming to the studios for years now and know from their own experience that PYM teachers are an extraordinarily intuitive bunch of professionals when it comes to understanding the body’s needs. What’s more, that intuition is seriously underpinned by considerable knowledge and expertise gained not only through their own PYM teacher training but via further and constant exposure to new methods; new techniques and new ways of understanding.

PYM teachers are always adding new strings to their bows! And that dedication is reflected in what they deliver in the studio. It is what has led former client and teacher training graduate Sharon Parnell to make – on behalf of many – the observation that: “There is something truly special about Pilates Yoga Movement…it is current, vibrant and forward thinking. At PYM…they’ve taken Pilates further.”

Here is a roll-call of some of the qualifications more recently acquired by the fabulous PYM teaching team;

Mariela Panero is now a certified anti-gymnastique practitioner

Emma Douka graduated as a Feldenkrais practitioner

PYM Director Anne-Marie Zulkahari graduated as a practitioner and teacher trainer in Body-Mind Centering (BMC)