Ruth Eglin

Ruth Eglin cropRuth Eglin enjoyed a 10 year career in music management before the arrival of her first child highlighted the job’s incompatibility with child-care and led her to consider an alternative role.

Ruth enjoyed ballet when she was younger and had previously been aware of Pilates but it was the experience of attending post-natal Pilates classes soon after the caesarean delivery of her first baby that revealed to her the true potential of the method. Indeed, so taken was she by how quickly Pilates restored and strengthened her body – and mindful as she was of what might provide her an alternative career – that by the time she was pregnant with her second child, Ruth was embarking on her final year of the teacher training programme at Pilates Yoga Movement.

She still retains a particular interest in pre and post-natal Pilates teaching. “I like to teach about functional movement,” she says. “I’m big on strength for women, it’s so important – so we do lots of planks and push-ups. I’m stronger now than I was before I had my children – which is remarkable – and purely down to Pilates.”

Of the training she received at PYM Ruth speaks typically highly: “There are other courses of course but at PYM the breadth of knowledge and the depth of training is something else. Anne-Marie has such an eye for how the body works and is so knowledgable that it rubs off on the teachers. We’re all very different, and we approach things in our own way – I believe every PYM client gets the teacher they need – yet we all end up in the same place.”

Ruth teaches at both the Kilburn and Clerkenwell studios.

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