Serena Oliver

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Working holistically with each individual, Serena is fully qualified through the Pilates Foundation to teach both Pilates matwork and apparatus. She has played a key role in the establishment of the Pilates Foundation’s Professional Standards Committee with other senior teachers, and seeks to incorporate new learning, insights and knowledge available, always within a clear understanding of Pilates’ core principles.

Growing up with very poor physical awareness and ability, Serena has experienced huge benefits from regular Pilates. Since starting in 1999 her approach to exercise has changed dramatically, “…from being someone who exercised because I felt I should, to now having too many activities for the available time. Climbing, Yoga and cycling are integral to my life – as are trapeze classes!” Initially frustrated by such a focused approach to movement, classes soon became essential until:[pullquote] “Experiencing my body as part of me, rather than a thing to do something to – Pilates made the mind body connection real.”[/pullquote]

Serena began her comprehensive teacher training with two founders of the Pilates Foundation, Anne-Marie Zukahari and Hana Jones, in 2004. She has taught at the studio and others across London since graduating. Serena continues to benefit from inspirational teachers who demonstrate the range of possibilities and impact of working holistically using the Pilates Method. She collaborates with physiotherapists, osteopaths and other health professionals to address clients’ health issues, whilst continuing her investigation of the deeper role of Pilates as a tool for remedial and therapeutic purposes. Serena relates easily to clients whatever their physical ability, injury or issues, combining her practical skills and creative approach with many years’ teaching experience. By incorporating learning from personal activities such as circus training, Serena creates fun, challenging classes that work to clients’ capabilities, whilst providing support to overcome any physical impairments or imbalances.

Excellent attention to detail and precise corrections mean faulty movement patterns and weaknesses are addressed to enable the body to return to balance and improve sporting performance. Whether movement or sport is your living or something you aspire to, Serena can develop a personal programme with you.