Emma Douka

pymEmmacropChronic back pain led Emma into ongoing research of various methods of bodywork, rehabilitation and body-mind integration. After a regular Ashtanga Yoga practice of some 5 years she finally discovered Pilates and it was then that she felt she could take control of her condition and bring a change from within.

Originally from Athens, Emma left Greece in 2007 and moved to London in search of a thorough Pilates Teacher training and in 2010 she completed that training with Anne-Marie Zulkahari. Emma is currently practising Yoga with Anne-Marie and has regular Feldenkrais “awareness through movement” classes with Rachel Shoer Geaves and Scott Clark.

Using the Pilates technique Emma aims to increase the individuals body awareness and develop a deeper understanding of their own ability to rehabilitate and re-educate their bodies and gradually encourage them to explore new possibilities of movement.

This is to inform you of the measures we have taken and the procedures you will need to follow to ensure we uphold a safe environment for our clients and teachers. We will continue to evaluate any risks and ask for your patience as we phase in this process.

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