Director – Anne-Marie H. Zulkahari

Anne-Marie Zulkahari is one of the foremost teachers of and authorities on Pilates and yoga in the UK.

She boasts an impeccable professional lineage, having learned her craft under the tutelage of Robert Fitzgerald, a Pilates elder (i.e his own tutor was Joseph Pilates himself) who was also responsible for teaching the man who would go on to introduce Pilates to the UK – Alan Herdman.

Anne-Marie has been a key proponent of the Pilates method in this country having co-founded the Pilates Foundation UK Ltd and set up the Pilates Foundation Teachers’ Training Accreditation: she is a former member of its Teachers’ Training Committee and was key in raising and maintaining high standards of teaching in the profession via the setting of guidelines for member studios and candidate examination.

Meanwhile Anne-Marie has established her own Pilates and yoga studios in Kilburn and Clerkenwell (see below), and devised and directs her own highly-regarded Pilates Teacher Training Programme: unrivalled in the UK in its scope and quality it is unique because it integrates Body-Mind Centering plus the Feldenkrais and anti-gymnastique methods of well-being. She also co-directs the Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC).

Originally trained as a dancer – at Arts Educational Trust – the 1970s took Anne-Marie to New York where she danced with leading choreographers; acted in off-Broadway plays and worked as a freelance teacher and choreographer, teaching Ballet, Jazz, and Graham and Horton-based Contemporary dance. She also discovered yoga here, and furthered her training alongside her dance career. A perhaps inevitable injury proved serendipidous, introducing her – in 1975 – to Robert Fitzgerald and the Pilates method. She went on to train and work with Fran Lehen, herself a key figure in the Pilates movement.

Returning to the UK in 1985 Anne-Marie worked with Alan Herdman’s Pilates studio for 6 years and taught Pilates at the Royal Ballet School.

In 1994 she established her own centre – Pilates and Yoga Movement – in Kilburn, North-West London, and launched a second – in Clerkenwell – 3 years ago. Ever mindful of keeping her teaching approach fresh and relevant, Anne-Marie has completed teacher training in Gyrotonic, acquired the Somatic Movement Education certificate, and is currently undertaking to complete the Body-Mind Centering practitioner’s certificate.

Anne-Marie is driven through all aspects of her work to aid the student in better understanding how to move fluidly with minimum stress on the joints. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of the human body, acquired over 30 years of working closely with Physiotherapists and Osteopaths, means she particularly enjoys working with remedial clients and rehabilitating those recovering from injury.

Remarkably, amidst it all, Anne-Marie has also found time to complete a pre-medical degree from Marymount Manhattan, NY USA plus a 2-year Cranial Sacral therapy course and enjoy a career in children’s TV in the UK on shows that pioneered the practice of yoga by youngsters.

Perhaps more remarkably still…she also keeps up with several hobbies including climbing, tending her allotment, and walking her two irresistible chocolate brown springer Spaniels – Mimi and Mala.


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