Pilates post-surgery

gillian-cropI’ve been coming to PYM for it must be 15 years, and am 75. I live in London though spend a lot of time in northern Greece which I love as we have a house in a mountain village there and I’m always busy with the house and garden where we grow our own vegetables.

A physio recommended Anne-Marie to me after hip-replacement surgery. I’m also hypermobile: when I was young it was called being ‘double-jointed’ – then I thought it was rather marvellous being able to make certain movements other people found difficult, little did I know then the problems it would cause in later life!

I”ve also had the linings of the hips replaced as they wear out after some years, both knees replaced and major surgery on my right foot. And I have been through surgery,  radiotherapy and chemotherapy to treat breast cancer.

I have found Anne-Marie to be extremely kind and supportive over the years. I am very grateful that she always finds a space for me as my attendance is a bit irregular wha with being away for up to 3 months at a time, not to mention time out for medical reasons. Anne-Marie has suggested exercises I can do when I am away which when I do them, help enormously. I have very bad posture, forget to breathe properly and am not really in touch with my body as I have spent an awful lot of time ignoring what’s going on.

I dread to think of the state I would be in had I not been so fortunate to find PYM. I ALWAYS feel better after a session. It has taken me a long time to learn the very simple things I need to do in the correct way, even so I often need reminding! I feel so grateful to Anne-Marie and Kara too who has helped me enormously when Anne Marie has not been available.

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